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The Danny Miranda Podcast

Apr 8, 2022

(0:00) Sahil compliments me

(0:45) Crazy coincidence

(2:40) Sahil’s been plugging his Twitter since 2011

(3:44) Why Sahil is attracted to motivational tracks

(6:31) Obesity research at Nike

(11:40) The transition from arrogance to kindness

(15:25) Identity (Indian + Jewish parents, nerd + jock)

(18:27) 10-year reunion

(20:14) Practices that made Sahil more secure?

(21:39) Darkest hour friend

(25:15) What to say in dark times to a friend?

(27:15) How to accept compliments

(28:08) “I appreciate you”

(30:05) Why Sahil microanalyses life

(32:00) Condoleezza Rice

(36:29) Cold email

(37:38) Going to the gym with Tim Cook

(39:20) Why is Sahil so connected to highly successful people

(46:30) What can someone do today to show grit and work ethic?

(50:02) Zone of genius

(59:15) How to single focus

(1:00:55) More walks without tech

(1:03:10) Connecting with Sahil

Sahil Bloom is an investor, entrepreneur, and creator. In less than 2 years, Sahil has gained over 500,000 Twitter followers. But in this episode, we didn't focus that much on his hyper-growth online. Instead, we spoke about how Sahil got mentored by BOTH Tim Cook and Condoleezza Rice, how Sahil became more secure in himself, and what it means to be a "darkest hour friend."

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